Leadership and communication: what are the imperatives?.

Authors: Henderson, A.

Source: Journal of Nursing Management, 23: 693–694. doi: 10.1111/jonm.12336

Inspirational leadership is associated with a strategic vision and a cogent plan to achieve the goals. Leadership is popularly defined as the ‘motivation’ and ‘guidance’ to reach the vision. Fundamental to motivating and guiding staff are skilful communication practices. Communication is an important consideration for all nurses at a health facility, whether it is the Nursing Director or Registered Nurse, as everyone needs to be involved in the adoption of the vision for the results to be realised.

When leaders role-model and encourage staff to use open communication that draws on basic rules such as honesty, consistency, respect, inclusiveness and appropriate recognition the fundamental components of safety and trust are established. Staff should feel less threatened about change processes associated with achieving the vision of improving practice.

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