Respiratory Syncytial Virus Preterm (32-36 Completed Weeks Gestation) Risk Estimation Measure for RSV Hospitalization in Ireland: A Prospective Study.

Authors: Sheridan-Pereira M, Murphy J, Sloan J, Crispino G, Leahy A, Corcoran JD, Dempsey E, Elnazir B, Gavin P, Sharif F, Gul R, Satas S, Murphy J, Gormally S, Shanaa I, Waldron D, Mc Mahon P, Carson J, Blanken M, Bont L, Paes B.

Source: Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2015 Sep 16. [Epub ahead of print]

Several countries RSV prophylaxis is offered to late preterm infants who are at escalated risk of respiratory syncytial virus hospitalization (RSVH). However, targeted prophylaxis should be informed by country specific data. This study, which uniquely includes 36 weeks gestational age (GA) infants, aims to establish the risk factors for RSVH in 32-36 weeks GA infants in Ireland.

Sixty-three percent of eligible infants (1,825/2,877) were recruited. The RSVH rate was 3.6 % (65/1807 analyzed infant records).There was no RSV attributable mortality. Twelve infants required intensive care.

Neonatal respiratory morbidity or being Caucasian were population specific independent risk factors for RSVH in 32-36 weeks GA in Ireland whereas the other identified independent risk factors mirrored those established in previous studies.

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