Growth and nutritional risk in children with developmental delay.

Authors: Malone C, Sharif F, Glennon-Slattery C.

Source: Ir J Med Sci. 2015 Nov 16. [Epub ahead of print]

Nutritional risk impacts outcome in developmental delay. The main objectives were to identify the incidence and factors contributing to growth faltering.

Clinical data review was completed for 500 patients with developmental delay accepted to an Early Intervention service.

Nutritional risk was identified in 48.6 %. Weight categories were growth faltering (13.5 %), underweight (7.7 %), overweight (8.4 %) and obesity (4.3 %) at initial assessment. Growth faltering was correlated with age <1 year (p = 0.000) and with gestational age (p = 0.017) with highest rates identified in those born 32-36 weeks (3.6 %).

Weight category was associated with introduction of solids pre 17 weeks recommendation (10.1 %), ANOVA demonstrating significance (P = 0.013). There was poor parental recognition of nutritional risk in 22.7 % of those assessed.

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