Social disparities in hazardous alcohol use: self-report bias may lead to incorrect estimates.

Authors: Devaux M, Sassi F

Source: Eur J Public Health. 2015 Nov 19. pii: ckv190. [Epub ahead of print]

This study aims to assess social disparities in hazardous drinking (HD) and to analyze how correcting alcohol consumption data for self-report bias may affect estimates of disparities.

National survey data from 13 countries, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and USA, are used to examine social disparities in HD by SES and education level.

This study provides evidence of a likely misestimation of social disparities in HD, in both men and women, due to self-report bias in alcohol consumption surveys. This study contributes to a better knowledge of the social dimensions of HD and to the targeting of alcohol policies.

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