Midland Hospital Portlaoise Systems Analysis Review Report

Authors: Sugrue, Sheila; Stuart, Cornelia

Source: Health Service Executive

This is the report of an independent review in relation to the care of Shauna Keyes and her baby Joshua at the MRHP. It was initially commissioned by Mr David Walsh, Regional Director of Performance and Integration, HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster in response to a request by Shauna and her partner Joseph Cornally for a review of Shauna’s Care. This request was made following a Prime Time Investigates programme into issues relating to infant deaths in the MRHP. In accordance with changes to the establishment of Hospital Groups the role of the commissioner transferred to Dr Susan O’Reilly CEO of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group, the Hospital Group to which MRHP is now aligned. Shauna, a first time mother was referred to the Antenatal Services at the MRHP by her GP when she was 18 weeks pregnant and was seen at the antenatal booking clinic when she was 25 weeks pregnant. Shauna had 4 admissions antenatally, at 22, 28, 33 and 38 weeks respectively. The first of these admissions occurred prior to her antenatal booking visit

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