Institute of Community Health Nursing Research Awards 2016

Source: ICHN

Purpose of awards: The ICHN 2016 research awards are intended to promote research already completed by members of the Institute of Community Health Nursing.

Award: The award will have three components.

  1. A plaque/certificate will be presented to the three winners
  2. A monetary award of €500 will be awarded to each winner
  3. The winning studies will be published by the ICHN in a short two page document

Making a submission

  • Awards are only available to members of the Institute;  
  • The research must already be completed; and
  • The applicant will be required to make the submission using the template provided by ICHN, which includes:
  1. 3 Key points about the research
  2. Why the research was carried out (500 words)
  3. How the research was carried out (300 words)
  4. What the main findings from the study were (700 words)
  5. Why do these findings matter for nursing in community (500 words)

You can complete this either in a word document or make an online submission at:

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