A systematic approach towards the development of quality indicators for postnatal care after discharge in Flanders, Belgium

Authors: Helsloot, K.,  Walraevens, M.,  Van Besauw, S.,  A-S. Van Parys, Devos, H., Van Holsbeeck, A. &  Roelens, K. 

Source: Midwifery Journal
May 2017Volume 48, Pages 60–68

Objective: to develop a set of quality indicators for postnatal care after discharge from the hospital, using a systematic approach.

Key conclusions and implications for clinical practice: the quality indicators resulted in a Flemish model of qualitative postnatal care that was implemented by health authorities as a minimum standard in the context of shortened length of stay. Postnatal care should be adjusted to a flexible length of stay and start in pregnancy with an individualised care plan that follows mother and new-born throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period. Criteria for discharge and local protocols about the organisation and content of care are essential to facilitate continuity of care.

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