The Role of Teen Mothers’ Support Relationships in Maintenance of Contraceptive Use.

Authors: Quinn DA, Mitchell SJ, Lewin A


J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2017 Feb;30(1):35-40

STUDY OBJECTIVE: To explore interpersonal factors associated with maintaining contraceptive use over time among urban, African American teen mothers.
DESIGN: Longitudinal study, 2011-2015.
SETTING: Six pediatric primary care sites in the same city, all of which primarily serve urban, low-income, African American families.
PARTICIPANTS: Teen mothers accessing health services for their child at one of the six study sites.
INTERVENTIONS: The current study was a secondary data analysis of data that were collected as part of a patient-centered medical home model intervention, that compared a group of teen mothers and their children who were participants in the intervention with mother-child dyads who were enrolled in standard community-based pediatric primary care. Structured interviews were conducted with teen mothers at baseline/enrollment, when their children were, on average, 3 months old, and again 12 months later.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Maintenance of contraceptive use over time.
RESULTS: Teen mothers who perceived any tangible support from their own mothers were significantly less likely to maintain contraceptive use over time (adjusted odds ratio [AOR] = .27). However, teens who perceived any emotional support from their own mothers were nearly four times more likely to maintain contraceptive use (AOR = 3.74). Teens who lived with their own mothers were more than 5 times more likely to maintain contraceptive use over time (AOR = 5.49).
CONCLUSION: To better understand contraceptive discontinuation and thus to prevent repeat pregnancies among teen mothers, it might be necessary to further examine the role of support relationships in teen mothers' contraceptive decision-making. Secondary pregnancy prevention programs should include key support persons.



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