Newborn vitamin K prophylaxis: an analysis of information resources for parents and professionals.

Authors: Miller H, Wheeler B, Kerruish N


N Z Med J. 2016 Dec 02;129(1446):44-52

AIMS: Vitamin K prophylaxis represents one of the first healthcare decisions families make for their newborn. Information resources are an important component of this process. This study aimed to identify and analyse written information about vitamin K.
METHODS: Resources concerning vitamin K prophylaxis for both parents and health professionals were accessed through tertiary hospitals in New Zealand and Australia, midwives associated with Queen Mary Maternity Centre (Dunedin, New Zealand), antenatal class providers in the Dunedin, New Zealand area, and an online search of Australian and New Zealand government and hospital websites, as well as the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the US. These materials were assessed with regard to coverage of information relevant to vitamin K prophylaxis, whether a statement of the recommended option was included, and information concerning parental choice.
RESULTS: In Australia, the majority of centres use the Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) resource. In New Zealand, eight different resources are in use. There was variation between resources in all aspects, including use of different incidence rates for vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB). No New Zealand resources were available in languages other than English. The resources for health professionals also varied, and the two available New Zealand consensus statements (Ministry of Health and College of Midwives) differed in terms of their main recommendation.
CONCLUSIONS: Many different information resources are available regarding vitamin K prophylaxis in New Zealand. Standardisation of such information would be more equitable and would facilitate easier review of content and translation into multiple languages.



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