Predictors of transformational leadership of nurse managers

Authors: Echevarria I.M., Patterson B.J. & Krouse A.

Source: Journal of Nursing Management 25, 167–175

The aim of this study was to examine the relationships among education, leadership experience, emotional intelligence and transformational leadership of nurse managers. Background: Nursing leadership research provides limited evidence of predictors of transformational leadership style in nurse managers.
Methods: A predictive correlational design was used with a sample of nurse managers (n = 148) working in varied health care settings.
Results: A statistically significant relationship was found between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership.
Conclusions: Nurse managers should be well informed of the predictors of transformational leadership in order to pursue continuing education and development opportunities related to those predictors.
Implications for nursing management: The results of this study emphasise the need for emotional intelligence continuing education, leadership development and leader assessment programmes.

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Journal of Nursing Management

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