Mapping the contribution of Allied Health Professions to the wider public health workforce: a rapid review of evidence-based interventions

Authors: Fowler Davis, S., Enderby, P., Harrop, D. & Hindle, L.

Source: J Public Health (Oxf) (2017) 39 (1): 177-183. DOI:

The objective was to identify a selection of the best examples of the public health contributions by Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in order to encourage a wider awareness and participation from that workforce to public health practice.
Conclusions: This study contributes to a strategy for AHPs in public health by appraising the effectiveness and impact of some exemplar AHP practices that contribute to health improvement. There is a need for AHPs to measure the impact of their interventions and to demonstrate evidence of outcomes at population level.
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Volume 39; Issue 1; March 2017
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