Influence of a pelvic floor training programme to prevent perineal trauma: A quasi-randomised controlled trial

Authors:  Leon-Larios, F.,  Corrales-Gutierrez, I.,  Casado-Mejía, R. & Suarez-Serrano, C. 

Source: Midwifery
July 2017 Volume 50, Pages 72–77

Background: Perineal injury is common after birth and may be caused by tears or episiotomy or both. Perineal massage has been shown to prevent episiotomies in primiparous women. On the other hand, pelvic floor exercises might have an influence by shortening the first and second stages of labour in the primigravida.


  • The programme is a feasible intervention that we recommend to all women at 32nd week of pregnancy.
  • The pelvic floor programme is associated with significantly lower rates of episiotomies and severe perineal trauma.
  • The pelvic floor programme is associated with significantly higher intact perineum.
  • The combined perineal/pelvic floor training programme reduces postpartum perineal pain.
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