Nature works best when allowed to run its course. The experience of midwives promoting normal births in a home birth setting

Authors:  Aune, I.,  Hoston, M. A.,   Kolshus, N.J. &  Larsen, C.E.J.

Source: Midwifery
July 2017 Volume 50, Pages 21–26

Objective: to gain a deeper understanding of how midwives promote a normal birth in a home birth setting in Norway.


  • The midwives had a fundamental belief that childbirth is a normal event that women are able to manage
  • The midwife should help the woman to keep faith in her ability to give birth
  • The midwives pointed out that woman is a key aspect of promoting a normal birth and a cornerstone in their ideology
  • It is important not to subject women in labour to unnecessary interventions
  • Being in a safe environment with a familiar midwife provides a good foundation for a normal birth

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