Starting Out: qualitative perspectives of new graduate nurses and nurse leaders on transition to practice

Authors: Regan S., Wong C., Laschinger H.K., Cummings G., Leiter M., MacPhee M., RhÉaume A., Ritchie J.A., Wolff A.C., Jeffs L., Young-Ritch C., Grinspun D., Gurnham M.E., Foster B., Huckstep S., Ruffolo M., Shamian J., Burkoski V., Wood K. & Read E

Source: Journal of Nursing Management 25, 246–255. 2017

Organisations should ensure that nurse leaders have the resources they need to support the positive transition of new graduate nurses including adequate staffing and realistic workloads for both experienced and new nurses. Nurse leaders should work to create unit cultures that foster learning by encouraging new graduate nurses to ask questions and seek feedback without fear of criticism or incivility.

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