Barriers to research awareness among nurses in Italy

Authors: Bressan, V., Bagnasco, A., Bianchi, M., Rossi, S., Moschetti, F., Barisone, M., Pellegrini, R., Aleo, G., Timmins, F. and Sasso, L. (2017),

Source: J Nurs Manag, 25: 243–245. doi:10.1111/jonm.12494

Using research in nursing practice requires research awareness. Research awareness has been determined as having not only having a good understanding about the principles of research; but the confidence and authority to use research. While little is known empirically about Italian nurses’ confidence and authority with regard to research, anecdotally both are low. In keeping with international trends  nurses’ research awareness in Italy is anecdotally affected by a lack of resources, confidence, knowledge, and the lack of a strategic leadership.

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Journal of Nursing Management

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