Exposure to traumatic events at work, posttraumatic symptoms and professional quality of life among midwives

Authors: Cohen, R., Leykin,D., Golan-Hadari,D., &  Lahad,M.

Source: Midwifery, July 2017 Volume 50, Pages 1–8

 In their line of duty, midwives are often exposed to traumatic births that may lead to symptoms of compassion fatigue (CF), which includes burnout (BO) and secondary traumatic stress (STS).Conversely, midwives derive pleasure and great satisfaction in seeing the positive effect they have on their clients. This experience is known as compassion satisfaction (CS). Together, CS and CF comprise the professional quality of life (ProQOL). The aim of this paper was to study midwives’ professional quality of life and traumatic experiences. The highly stressful environment of midwives may also include primary exposure to traumatic experiences and therefore PTSD levels were also assessed.
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