The association between nurses’ coordination with physicians and clients’ place of death.

Authors: Naruse T, Yamamoto N, Sugimoto T, Fujisaki-Sakai M, Nagata S


Int J Palliat Nurs. 2017 Mar 16;23(3):136-142

AIM: Over 60% of Japanese people hope to die at home; hence, assisting clients in achieving this outcome is an important responsibility of home care providers. This study investigated the effects of nurses' relational coordination with physicians on clients' place of death in home visiting nursing (HVN) agencies.
METHOD: Secondary analysis of a public survey conducted in 2015 by local governments in Kurume city, Fukuoka prefecture, Western Japan. Manager nurses from 17 HVN agencies provided data about themselves and their relational coordination with community physicians and 85 deceased clients.
RESULTS: Among 85 deceased clients, 52 (61.2%) had died at home. Four regression models showed significant positive effects of HVN nurse managers' relational coordination on clients' home death (the odds ratios (95% CI) were 2.488 (1.442-4.293), 2.111 (1.014-4.396), 2.562 (1.409-4.658) and 2.275 (1.079-4.796) in models 1-4, respectively.
CONCLUSION: Measuring relational coordination among HVN nursing managers and physicians indicated readiness for home death among HVN clients in an agency or community.



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