Exploring the potential role of the advanced nurse practitioner within a care path for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome

Authors: Ryckeghem H., Delesie L., Tobback E., Lievens S., Vogelaers D. & Mariman A. (2017)

Source: Journal of Advanced Nursing 73(7), 1610–1619. doi: 10.1111/jan.13244


To explore the experiences and expectations of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and general practitioners to develop the potential role of an advanced nurse practitioner at the diagnostic care path of abnormal fatigue developed for regional *transmural implementation in the Belgium.

*Transmural care is the interface between primary and secondary care in medicine.


Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome experience an incapacitating chronic fatigue that is present for at least 6 months. Since many uncertainties exist about the causes and progression of the disease, patients have to cope with disbelief and scepticism. Access to health care may be hampered, which could lead to inappropriate treatments and guidance.

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Journal of Advanced Nursing

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