Prioritisation of future research topics in paediatric palliative care in Ireland: a Delphi study.

Authors: Quinn C, McCarthy S, Devins M, O'Reilly M, Twomey M, Ling J


Int J Palliat Nurs. 2017 Feb 02;23(2):88-97

This paper reports the findings from a Delphi Study undertaken to identify the research priorities in children's palliative care in Ireland. Palliative care for children is a small and highly specialised field of healthcare that focuses on improving the quality of life of children living with, or dying from, a life-limiting condition. Ideally, support for children requiring palliative care begins at the time of diagnosis, which for many children with life-limiting conditions can be from birth. There is a notable overlap between the needs of children requiring palliative care and those with disabilities and other complex care needs, resulting in care being provided by a range of voluntary and statutory agencies. As a new specialty, there is a need to develop an evidence-based approach to providing children's palliative care. In order to do this in a systematic way, identification of the research priorities in children's palliative care within Ireland is required.



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