Burnout mediates the association between depression and patient safety perceptions: a cross-sectional study in hospital nurses.

Authors: Johnson J., Louch G., Dunning A., Johnson O., Grange A., Reynolds C., Hall L. & O'Hara J. (2017)

Source: Journal of Advanced Nursing 73(7), 1667–1680. doi: 10.1111/jan.13251


The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between depressive symptoms, burnout and perceptions of patient safety. A mediation model was proposed whereby the association between symptoms of depression and patient safety perceptions was mediated by burnout.


There is growing interest in the relationships between depressive symptoms and burnout in healthcare staff and the safety of patient care. Depressive symptoms are higher in healthcare staff than the general population and overlap conceptually with burnout. However, minimal research has investigated these variables in nurses. Given the conceptual overlap between depressive symptoms and burnout, there is also a need for an explanatory model outlining the relative contributions of these factors to patient safety.

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