Clinical Supervision: invisibility on the contemporary nursing and midwifery policy agenda

Authors: White, E. (2017),

Source: J Adv Nurs, 73: 1251–1254. doi:10.1111/jan.12970

Editorial: Clinical supervision is often accepted as a formal relationship-based system of support and practice development provided by approved Supervisors to the staff in human service agencies to maximize the best possible outcomes for their respective clientele. However, operational definitions of CS have not been without ambiguity, contest and international differences.

CS has become spuriously used as a tautological synonym for coaching, mentorship, peer review, clinical facilitation, preceptorship, clinical teaching, buddying, debriefing and other oversight/point-of-care encounters. Not uncommonly, the term is also used as a byword for ‘personal performance review’, case review and even therapy.

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Journal of Advanced Nursing

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