Transition from preschool to primary school-Key messages from research, policy and practice.

Authors: Daly, M. & Foster, A.

Source: Transitions
Children's Research Digest Volume 3 Issue 2
Published by Children's Research Network

This paper outlines the task set out for the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) regarding the development of templates to transfer information on children’s learning and development between preschools and primary schools in Ireland. The key messages from this research highlight that:

  1. a positive experience during the transition to primary school is important.
  2. certain dispositions, skills and knowledge are important for children as they make the transition to primary school.
  3. greater alignment in curriculum and pedagogy across preschools and primary schools is needed.
  4. supporting transitions is a shared responsibility between children, families, communities, preschools and primary schools.
  5. the transfer of information on children’s learning and development between preschools and primary schools is an important part of the transition process.
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