Parental knowledge, attitudes and beliefs on fever: a cross-sectional study in Ireland.

Authors: Kelly, M., Sahm, L. J., Shiely, F., O'Sullivan, R., de Bont, E.G., Mc Gillicuddy, A., Herlihy, R., Dahly, D. &  McCarthy, S.

Source: 2017, 7 (7):e015684 BMJ Open

Fever is a common symptom of mostly benign illness in young children, yet concerning for parents. The aim of this study was to describe parental knowledge, attitudes and beliefs regarding fever in children aged ≤5 years of age.

Parental knowledge of fever and fever management was found to be deficient which concurs with existing literature. Parental experience and other sociodemographic factors were generally not helpful in identifying parents with high or low levels of knowledge. Resources to help parents when managing a febrile illness need to be introduced to help all parents provide effective care.

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