Burnout syndrome in nurses working in palliative care units: An analysis of associated factors.

Authors: Rizo-Baeza, M., Mendiola-Infante, S.V., Sepehri, A., Palazón-Bru, A., Gil-Guillén, V.F., Cortés-Castell, E.

Source: J Nurs Manag. 2017;00:1–7. https://doi.org/10.1111/jonm.12506

Aims: To analyse the association between psychological, labour and demographic factors and burnout in palliative care nursing.

Results: A total of 69 nurses experienced high emotional exhaustion, including  high depersonalization and 70 had low personal performance A higher proportion of burnout was found in the participants who were single parents, working >8 hr per day, with a medium/high workload, a lack of a high professional quality of life and a self-care deficit.

Implications for Nursing Management: Nurses who present the factors found should be the focus of interventions to reduce work stress.


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Journal of Nursing Management

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