Living with Multiple Myeloma: A Continuum-Based Approach to Cancer Survivorship.

Authors: Kurtin S


Semin Oncol Nurs. 2017 Jun 27;:

OBJECTIVES: To describe a tailored approach to survivorship care for health care providers (HCPs) involved in the care of patients and caregivers living with multiple myeloma (MM) and identify key transition points within the continuum of care with recommended adaptation to the survivorship care plan (SCP).
DATA SOURCES: Review of the literature, web-based resources.
CONCLUSION: The health care needs of cancer survivors will vary throughout the continuum of care. Effective patient self-management requires several key elements: consistent and clear communication that allows the patient to make informed decisions, reinforcement of key messages at each visit, adjustment of visit frequency to the specific phase of survivorship and health care needs, integration of community programs and resources, and development of mutually determined goals. The goal is to focus on living, maintaining or improving quality of life (QOL) in the MM survivor with consideration of the needs of caregivers.
IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: Implementation of a tailored survivorship care plan (SCP) based on individual disease- and treatment-related factors, personal preferences, and available resources, setting expectations, and continuing to communicate openly with the MM patients and their caregivers promotes health-self-management, reduces symptom burden, and improves QOL. Innovative strategies for survivorship care that promote communicative health literacy, engage the patient and their caregivers in health self-management, involve the survivor in developing the SCP, and clearly designate the roles of HCPs are needed.



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