Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Tools for Health Education Among Diabetic Patients.

Authors: Ismaile S, Alhosban F, Almoajel A, Albarrak A, Househ M


Stud Health Technol Inform. 2017;238:250-252

Health education is an integral part of self-management programs and an important element for the control and effective management of any chronic disease including diabetes. Patient Knowledge, Awareness, and Practices (KAP) are considered to be the most important factors for assessing the results of health education in patients with diabetes. In order to develop such health education models, it is important to have a validated and reliable tools which asses a diabetic patient's knowledge, attitude and practice. The aim of this study is to systematically review the literature on KAP assessment tools regarding health education among diabetic patients. The researchers conducted a systematic literature review using MEDLINE database from 1980 up to 2016. A developed search strategy was conducted by the researchers for MEDLINE and EBESCO. Of the 94 articles identified only 16 articles fully met the inclusion criteria. This review identifies useful assessment tools of KAP regarding health education for diabetic patients which will help to improve strategies in regards to assessing KAP for diabetic patients worldwide. The KAP assessment tools should be: carefully developed, user friendly, evidence-based, valid and reliable.



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