Professional values of nurse lecturers at three universities in Colombia.

Authors: López-Pereira A, Arango-Bayer G


Nurs Ethics. 2017 Mar;24(2):198-208

OBJECTIVE: To describe the professional values of the nurse lectures according to 241 nursing students, who participated voluntarily, in three different universities of Bogotá.
METHODOLOGY: This is a quantitative, descriptive cross-sectional study that applied the Nurses Professional Values Scale-permission secured-Spanish; three dimensions of values were applied: ethics, commitment, and professional knowledge. Ethical consideration: Project had ethical review and approval from an ethics committee and participants were given information sheets to read before they agreed to participate in the project.
FINDINGS: It was concluded that nursing students, in general, do perceive these values in their professors, and they give priority to the dimension of ethics, followed by the knowledge dimension, and finally, commitment.
DISCUSSION: It is evident that professional values are transmitted by professors and students place importance to such values. Values related to the other's care are paramount in nursing training in Colombia as well as in other countries.
CONCLUSION: It was found that participating students observed professors directly in relation to values focused on direct patient care, respect for privacy, respect for life, while matters related to professional improvement, participation in unions were not actually analyzed may be due to poor promotion activities and unions during undergraduate studies. The results obtained are primary approach to the study of values related to nursing, a topic which needs to be researched, something vital to all the country offering nursing training programs.



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