Woman-centred care during pregnancy and birth in Ireland: thematic analysis of women’s and clinicians’ experiences.

Authors: Hunter, A; Devane, D; Houghton, C; Grealish, AM; Tully, A; & Smith, V.

Source: 2017, 17 (1):322 BMC Pregnancy Childbirth

Recent policy and service provision recommends a woman-centred approach to maternity care. Midwife-led models of care are seen as one important strategy for enhancing women’s choice; a core element of woman-centred care. In the Republic of Ireland, an obstetric consultant-led, midwife-managed service model currently predominates and there is limited exploration of the concept of women centred care from the perspectives of those directly involved; that is, women, midwives, general practitioners and obstetricians. This study considers women’s and clinicians’ views, experiences and perspectives of woman-centred maternity care in Ireland.

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